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In May of 1983, The Three Affiliated Tribes Council passed a Tribal Resolution that authorized the establishment of TERO within the Employment and Training Department of the Three Affiliated Tribes.

The Tribal Council approved a resolution and ordinance that enabled the tribe to exercise their inherent sovereign powers by imposing Indian Preference on employers working on or near the jurisdictional boundaries of the Three Affiliated Tribes.

Although Tribal ordinances are sufficient, it has been found that TEROs can also be utilized in monitoring and enforcing existing federal Indian preference laws and regulations. TERO ordinances can be used to "bridge the gaps" and "fill the loopholes" in those laws by imposing additional tribal requirements on employers.

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Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation


Tribal Employment Rights Office

Three Affiliated Tribes

Fort Berthold Indian Reservation

304 Main Street

PO Box 488

New Town, ND 58763-0488

OFFICE: (701) 627-3634

FAX: (701) 627-4496

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